Album: Acoustica

Acoustica is a 2001 unplugged album by German hard rock band Scorpions. Acoustica was recorded during three concerts, at Convento do Beato, Lisbon, Portugal. It was a most unusual set for the band, as Klaus Meine comments on the DVD. The band was backed up by a bunch of extra musicians like backing vocalists, percussionist, extra guitarist and Christian Kolonovits (who had worked with the band as conductor and arranger on the Moment of Glory album) on keyboards. He also collaborated on rearranging the songs for the acoustic set. Four new songs were performed: "Life Is Too Short", "When Love Kills Love", "Back To You" and "I Wanted To Cry". All the new songs were featured on the DVD, while "Back To You" was not included on the CD. Another unusual thing that can be observed on Acoustica are the performances of cover versions of famous songs like The Cars' "Drive", Kansas' "Dust In The Wind" and the Queen hit "Love Of My Life". The album went gold in Brazil, and the DVD went platinum. CD Track listing All tracks by Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine, except where otherwise noted. "The Zoo" - 5:49 "Always Somewhere" - 4:10 "Life Is Too Short" - 5:18 "Holiday" - 5:55 "You and I" (Meine) - 5:19 "When Love Kills Love" - 4:53 "Dust in the Wind" (Livgren) - 3:49 (Kansas cover) "Send Me an Angel" - 5:24 "Catch Your Train" - 3:36 "I Wanted to Cry (But the Tears Wouldn't Come)" - 3:47 "Wind of Change" (Meine) - 5:34 "Love of My Life" (Mercury) - 2:26 (Queen cover) "Drive" (Ocasek) - 4:00 (The Cars cover) "Still Loving You" - 5:45 "Hurricane 2001" (Schenker/Meine/Rarebell) - 4:35 DVD Track Listing "Loving You Sunday Morning" - 5:24 "Is There Anybody There" - 4:39 "Still Loving You" – 7:30 "The Zoo" – 7:15 "Always Somewhere" – 5:26 "Life Is Too Short" – 6:32 "Holiday" – 6:02 "You and I" – 5:23 "When Love Kills Love" – 5:10 "Tease Me Please Me" - 5:21 "Dust in the Wind" (original by Kansas) – 4:01 "Send Me an Angel" – 5:55 "Under The Same Sun" - 5:25 "Rhythm Of Love" - 5:22 "Back To You" - 4:57 "Catch Your Train" – 3:50 "I Wanted to Cry (But the Tears Wouldn't Come)" – 4:07 "Hurricane 2001" – 4:39 "Wind of Change" – 6:56 "Love of My Life" (original by Queen) - 3:00 "Drive" (original by The Cars) - 4:10 "Still Loving You" – 5:45 Credits Klaus Meine - Vocals Rudolf Schenker - Acoustic Guitar Matthias Jabs - Acoustic Guitar James Kottak - Drums Ralph Rieckermann - Acoustic Bass Guitar Christian Kolonovits - Piano Johan Daansen - Acoustic Guitar Mario Argandona - Percussion Ariana Arcu - Cello User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.