Album: Poindexter

Childish Gambino’s second mixtape after his debut, Sick Boi. Donald continued to use the character, Sick Boi until his third mixtape, I AM JUST A RAPPER. The mixtape received a lot of negative opinions according to Donald himself. He went on to tell L.A. Times about the thoughts he’s been getting: People were asking, ‘Why’s his voice so high? Why is he rapping about Tina Fey? That’s not going to get you any street cred." Funnily enough, Tina Fey would later collab with Gambino on his sixth mixtape, Royalty, in 2012 on the song, “Real Estate”. He also stated in the same interview how he didn’t want to appeal to the mainstream crowd of rap and putting him up on a pedestal: Rapping was just something I liked. Part of the problem is, people want the persona of the rapper to be hungry, like, ‘I gotta make it.’ People get mad if you’re not putting everything into it. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.